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Leon Paul Mask Padding


Leon Paul Mask Padding

Fencers! You've got your heart set on purchasing our FIE X-Change mask (for yourself or as a gift for someone else), but feel a bit overwhelmed by the choice of padding we offer? We have put together some useful information to help you choose the padding which is right for you (tables and videos with fitting advice included!).

Leon Paul manufactures three different types of interior padding for our X-Change Bib fencing masks (plus one separate item to be used with our mask shrinker, the thick face padding).

Mask padding consists of two pieces, the forehead padding and the face padding. Padding comes in one size only, but will fit all four sizes of Leon Paul X-Change Bib masks.

At Leon Paul we are constantly designing and developing innovative ways to give our customers a competitive advantage. Leon Paul mask padding helps our customers perform better on the strip by allowing more air circulation, helping them breathe better and stay cooler.

Masks usually come with the standard padding, but ICE or AIR Padding is available as an upgrade. All mask padding is available on our web site in individual pieces, or as a set.


Standard Padding

The basic version for fencers who like a classical feel and good support…


ICE Padding


The absolute minimum of fabric for maximum coolness.

 AIR Padding


AIR Padding close-up

The latest addition to our mask padding range, and probably the most advanced.

Standard thick padding

This is a great option to make your mask a bit smaller if you're head is still growing. 

For detailed information about the properties of the different padding, check out our overview page here ... or refer to the table below:


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