Get 10% off blades, selected weapons & bodywires until midnight on 27th May 2019. You must enter the code 10BWW19 in the coupon code field on the shopping cart page and click the update button for the discount to be applied before you check out for the discount to be processed against your order. 

Valid for the following products: 

Product codes - Foil Blades: F10PE, F10PMA, F10GMA, F10MFK, F10VMA. Epee Blades, E10LP, E10FS, E10MLP, E10MFS, E10MAR, E10MARBU, E10VMA. Sabre Blade: 25PE, 25PFS, 25PFSBU, 25ZAG, 25ZAGM. 

Product codes - Recommended Foils: FOIL1, FOIL1SMG, FOIL2, FOIL3. Recommended Epees: EPEE1, EPEE1SMG, EPEE1S130, EPEE1XR, EPEE2, EPEE3. Recommended Sabres: SABRE1, SABRE2, SABRE3.

Product codes - Foil/Sabre: F40, F45OM, F45CON. Epee: E35.

Terms & Conditions -
 The coupon is valid until midnight AWST on Monday 27th May 2019. The code can only be applied online. It cannot be applied to a telephone order. The coupon can only be used once per customer and must be presented at the time of purchase. Discount will not be credited after sale is finalised. Coupon codes, e-vouchers, prize vouchers and fixed discounts cannot be processed against the same order.


Get 10% off Blades, Selected Weapons & Bodywires. Enter the code 10BWW19 in the cart or at checkout. Ends midnight AWST, 27th May. More[close]


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