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Sydney Sabre Centre
Level 1
112-116 Parramatta Road
NSW 2048

ALL ORDERS SHIP FROM LONDON. Sydney Saber only handles returns and exchanges on behalf of Leon Paul London. We don't carry a full stock of items at this location. 


Frances Chow

For general enquiries about products, orders and sizing please e-mail our sales team in London. If you have made a return of a product to Leon Paul Australia please contact Frances Chow either by e-mail or by telephone.

Email for general enquiries:
Email for returns enquiries:

Leon Paul Australia can be contacted at the following times :

Tel Landline Number: +61 402 165 656
5 pm - 10 pm Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
10 am - 6 pm Saturday
12 pm - 5 pm Sunday

Tel Mobile Number: +61 402 165 656
5 pm - 10 pm Monday - Friday
2 pm - 6 pm Weekends




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